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Mobile Application Development:

Lexington, Kentucky iphone and android app development

Apax is excited about the recent trend towards application development for mobile devices. Your customers have the ability to retrieve your company information from anywhere and we’re one of the few companies in Kentucky that have the experience to make it possible. We have implemented mobile applications using several technologies, including iPhone SDK, Yahoo Blueprint, and Palm OS so we have the experience to create just the application you need.

Thinking about implementing a mobile website or application to reach out to your customers or improve your business processes?  Contact us for a free initial consultation.




Website Development:

apax lexington website development

Not all clients & solutions are created equal.  With Apax’s “Total Website Management”, we can take care of all the angles – from A-Z; or just a few in between to match your budget and project needs. If you want an all inclusive package, we can handle everything from hosting, development, design, and branding (to name a few) – from start to finish.  If you only need a logo or revamp to an existing site, we can provide variable quotes with options, like a menu, for you to pick and choose from.

When so many companies out there try to nickle & dime you for services you aren’t even aware of, we have developed a strong reputation of open communication with a unique quoting system so you can be sure of what you are getting up front. We are always transparent about project costs and can work with your budget to find the perfect “happy medium” solution.

Total Website Management is our answer for your companies IT needs.




Database Management and Consultation:

More & more companies are using this approach to web development versus your standard HTML websites.   The main advantage is that they’re much easier to maintain.   Using a database-driven application you are truly able to have “Any Data Anywhere”.

For a database-driven web application, the content for your site is stored in a database. Software on your site will gather the correct information from the database and display it for your site’s visitor.  For instance, it would be a waste of time to create 200 different web pages to display the 200 products that your company sells.  Instead, this information can be stored in a database and one template can be created to display the products.  Displaying a new product on your site is as simple as adding a record to the database.
apax database services



Graphic Design Services:

graphic and web design services

Apax software, based out of Lexington, Kentucky is not just your average software development firm. Although we can harness almost any present technology to develop applications or websites to suite your special needs, we also offer professional graphic design, web design, and mobile UI design services. With over 12 years of graphic design experience on board, we have provided our customers with the sharp and prevalent aesthetic qualities they’ve desired to suite their target markets.

We believe a sharp looking website, mobile website, or mobile app IS the modern business card. If you’re a budding company in need of a simple branding solution, we are an established Lexington, Kentucky based software development company that will design a sharp looking logo, letterhead, business card, or standard website to get your company off the ground. If your business has been in the game for generations, we can create an amazing, modern look that suits your timeless taste. Most importantly our designs aim to create an effective and lasting experience for the most important part of your business: your customers!

Feel free to browse our portfolio and also check out our Client Showcase and Mobile Development pages for a closer look at the unique projects we’ve worked.

Along with specializing in up-and-coming mobile and desktop website design solution, we also offer services that will help deploy your video and audio content to your website. We can convert your /AV content into just about any HTML5 or Web2.0 compliant format. We can also assist in the best means of storing and distributing your A/V content to increase your SEO rankings (utilizing pre-existing, popular services such as Soundcloud, Vimeo, or Youtube).

The following is a basic list of the design services we can offer. Please contact our Lexington, Kentucky office and let us know how we can give your company the image edge it deserves.


Mobile App/iPhone Design :
  • Conceptualization
  • Logo and icon creation
  • App splash screen creation
  • Online prototype and demos
  • Integration of company colors
  • Logo animation
  • Game Design
  • Sound and interactivity
Website Design :
  • Original site design creation
  • Mobile website creation
  • Old site design updates
  • Flash animated intro
  • Web banner ads
  • Email news letters
  • Internet games
  • HTML/CSS editing
  • Interactive flash applications
Print Design :
  • Logos
  • Fliers
  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Ads
  • Annual Reports
  • Letterhead
  • Banners



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We had the need to manage a dozen simultaneous development projects in parallel. Apax was critical in bridging our gaps and working side by side with our developers.
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