APAX Develops Life-Saving Website for Kentuckians Battling Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Amanda Murray, Senior Account Director at APAX Software
Amanda Murray, Senior Account Director
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In a significant step towards addressing the opioid epidemic and mental health crisis in Kentucky, which has claimed thousands of lives and left countless families in need of support, APAX Software has developed a comprehensive website that helps Kentuckians find critical resources for addiction treatment, mental health support, and life-saving medication.



Governor Andy Beshear recently announced the expansion of the FindHelpNowKy.org website, which has been used over 240,000 times since its inception in 2018. Prior to the website's expansion, Kentuckians faced significant challenges in accessing addiction and mental health resources, often struggling to find up-to-date and comprehensive information in a timely manner.


Project Overview

APAX Software collaborated with the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC), the Department for Public Health, and the Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental, and Intellectual Disabilities (DBHDID) to create a user-friendly, centralized platform. The platform now includes a recovery housing locator, mental health treatment facilities, and social services resources, along with places to obtain naloxone, a drug used to reverse opioid overdose.


Development Process

  • The project involved several key phases:
  • Research and Discovery: Understanding the needs of the users through surveys and stakeholder meetings.
  • Design and Planning: Creating wireframes and prototypes vetted by key stakeholders to ensure the platform's usability and effectiveness.
  • Development and Implementation: Building the platform using cutting-edge web technologies, such as React and Node.js, to ensure a seamless and responsive user experience.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing to ensure the platform's reliability and ease of use.


Collaboration and Stakeholders

APAX Software worked closely with KIPRC and other stakeholders to ensure the platform met the needs of its users. Regular feedback sessions and iterations were integral to the project's success.


Impact and Results 

The enhanced FindHelpNowKy.org website offers more than 7,000 resources for mental health and addiction treatment and provides near real-time search capabilities. This platform has made it significantly easier for Kentuckians to access the help they need, potentially saving countless lives. Find Help Now is expanding to additional states and jurisdictions across the United States to allow individuals to utilize this website resource to find timely access to SUD treatment.


The time it takes to find a treatment program has been reduced from 72 hours to 6 minutes.



APAX Software is proud to have contributed to this life-saving project. We remain committed to using our technological expertise to solve critical societal issues and improve lives. By making essential resources more accessible, we can help Kentuckians overcome addiction and mental health challenges, ultimately fostering a healthier, more resilient society.


If you need a robust and user-friendly platform for your health initiatives, contact APAX Software today to learn how we can help.