OneUp Project: Innovating Video Game Collection and Resale

Amanda Murray, Senior Account Director at APAX Software
Amanda Murray, Senior Account Director
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We partnered with Caleb Ashton, known as Phoenix Resale on YouTube, to develop OneUp, a groundbreaking app for video game collectors and resellers. OneUp is a comprehensive solution for tracking game collections, managing wishlists, and facilitating the resale of video games. Users can scan barcodes of video games, add them to their collections, and flip them for profit, bypassing big box stores and offering better prices.


Key Features

  • Collection Management: Users can search or scan games to add them to their personal lists.
  • Subscription Options: Enables users to manage multiple lists.
  • QuickFlips Program: Allows users to sell their game collections directly to OneUp.
  • Admin Portal: Tracks all batch reselling activities.


Team of people sitting around a table and planning


Technical Deep Dive

Our development team used modern tools to build OneUp, focusing on creating a reliable, user-friendly app. The frontend and backend are seamlessly integrated, ensuring smooth performance. Payments are securely processed through Stripe, and the app is hosted on Vercel, with Google Analytics tracking performance.


Challenges and Solutions

  • User Feedback: Handling real-time, public feedback from users was an interesting challenge, requiring adaptability and responsiveness from our team.
  • Game Data Access: We initially sought to integrate data from eBay and Amazon. However, we found Pricecharting to be a more suitable source, which led us to focus more on the resale aspect of the app.


Key Achievements

  • Revenue Generation: The app quickly demonstrated strong early monetization, reflecting its value to users and the market.
  • User Growth and Revenue: Within four months, OneUp attracted over 10,000 unique users, with significant engagement from the video game collector community.
  • User Success: Users have earned significant profits through the QuickFlips program, with some users making thousands within the first few months.
  • Cost Savings: Transitioning from a mobile app to a Progressive Web App saved Caleb substantial app store fees.


Impact and Future Plans

OneUp has established a new revenue stream for Caleb, with promising early results. His launch video amassed 50,000 views, significantly boosting visibility. By eliminating the middleman, OneUp offers a valuable service to the video game reseller community, challenging big box stores like GameStop.

Looking ahead, we are preparing to develop version 2 of the app. Specific features are still under wraps, but we are excited about the future possibilities.



Caleb's win at Awesome Inc.'s 5 Across Pitch competition is another nod to the app's potential. The positive public feedback and growing user base have made this project a standout in our portfolio. We look forward to continuing to support the OneUp community and exploring new opportunities for growth.


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